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Congratulations to SINOVO international team new sales record

Time:2016-12-29 Hits:1620次

Great news from SINOVO International team in Dec 28th, 2016 that with one month’s efforts of all SINOVO staffs the 40GP container with nearly 1000pcs AC drives for an European Agent was prepared and shipped successfully before due shipping time.

In the year ending of 2016, our foreign sales performance is well accomplished, but we will never not satisfied with only this. In the beginning of 2017 Feb, we will have a series of international fairs to attend, UAE, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, etc with the purpose of more exposure of SINOVO brand and market recognition in international field, we will provide quality service and products to more and more overseas customers in coming years.

All SINOVO staff will always keep on fighting and united together to hug a new decade of SINOVO.

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