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Fault and Contermrasuers

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Inverters have warn information and protection function. In case of abnormal fault, the protection function will be invoked , the inverter will stop output , and the faulty relay contact of the inverter will start , the fault code will be displayed on the display panel of the inverter . Before consulting the service department , the user can perform self-check , analyze the reason and find out the solution . directly .

Common fault and resolution
During the using process of inverter, you may encounter the following faults. Please conduct simple fault analysis by referring to the methods below:

1、No display upon power-on:
1)Use multimeter to measure whether the input power is consistent with the rated voltage,of inverter. If the power is faulty, please perform it .
2)Check whether the rectifier is good, if it is damaged , please ask for technical support.
3)Check whether the start resister is good, if it is good , the fault might be in switching power supply ,please ask for technical support.

2、The operation panel displays the words “CE”upon power-on:
If the communication between keyboard and main control board has something wrong , you need to check whether the keyboard or main control board or it’s connection is normal .

3、The circuit breaker starts aside after power-on:
1)Check whether the earth terminal E of inverter is grounding reliably and perform the problem .
2)Check whether there is grounding or short circuited things between the input power, please remove it if there is.
3)Check the rectifier whether it is punctured , if it is ,please ask for technical support .

4、The motor does not rotate upon inverter running :
1)Whether it has balanceable three-phase output among U and V and W, if it has, there is something wrong with the motor circuit or it is damaged or the motor blocked for mechanical reasons. Please remove it.
2)There is output but it is not balanceable , the reason might be the drive or module of inverter is damaged . Please ask for technical supply .
3)If there is no output voltage , the reason might be the drive board or output module is damaged. Please ask for technical supply .

5、The inverter displays normally upon power-on , but the circuit breaker starts aside upon running :
1)Check whether there is double phase short circuit or grounding between the output modules. If there is, please ask for technical supply.
2)Check whether there is grounding or short circuit things between the motor cables, remove it if there is.
3)If the trip happens every once in a while and the distance between motor and inverter is too long, then you may consider to install an AC output reactor.

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