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Safety cautions when using

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1. Installation and use environment

When you installating, you must avoid oil, cotton, dust and other harsh environments , installed in a clean place, When installed in the control cabinet,consider the inverter allows the ambient temperatureuse of cooling measures and select the appropriate size of the installation of the cabinet.

2. Frequency setting

SD100 series maximum frequency setting up to650Hz,SD series Max frequency setting up to 1500Hz, if you set error ,there are much danger,please use the upper frequency limit setting function, set reasonable upper limit frequency.
Please set the parameters carefully,or consult sinovo technology department.

3. cautions

If you connect frequency power to the inverter output terminals U, V, a W, it will damage the inverter.Please carefully check the wiring is correct before electrify. Even the inverter power is cut off,there are still some internal electrolytic capacitor electric discharge is not finished.Check until the keyboard and the indicator go out after ten minutes. .

4. Whatare the requirements of inverter for the ambient environment?   

Ambienttemperature: Normally at -10~+40℃,derated at 40~50℃. When the temperaturerises by 1℃, the rated output current shall bedecreased by 1%. In case of too high and significantly varying ambienttemperature, the insulation performance of inverter will be greatly reduced andthe useful life of inverter will be affected.
● Ambienthumidity: The ambient relative humidity of the inverter shall not be more than95% (no condensation). Drying agent or heater shall be placed or equipped inthe inverter cabinet as required by the site working environment.
● Vibrationand impact: Vibration and impact shall be avoided.
● Electricalenvironment: Interference of electromagnetic wave shall be prevented.

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