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Application to Drawbench

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Technical Requirements:

 1.Stable startup and stopping throughout changes in the roll diameter;
 2.Stable operation and low swing link movement at all speeds;
 3.A maximum speed of 2,500 m/min

System Solution:
Winding control uses real time calculation of the actual roll diameter, using the changes in the diameter to correct the feedforward variable, attaining accurate feedforward throughout the process. The PID regulated variable can also be minimized, increasing the stability of the system. Rich input/output control logic can also satisfy the need for peripheral control, making the system simple and dependable. 

System Advantages:
 1.Simple System: the frequency converter can fully carry out major electrical control of the drabench without any external controllers.
 2.Easy Debugging: appropriate factor parameters ensure that the product will be suitable for most environments.
 3.Stable Startup: startup logical control and roll diameter calculation functions ensure stable startup at any diameter.
 4.Full-Process Stability: two PID parameters ensure effectively stable swing link control through the entire process.
 5.Easier Batch Application: copying of parameters makes batch application easier and faster.
 6.High/Low-Speed Switching: high and low speed switch functions satisfy the needs of the medium-sized drawing mill

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