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SINOVO participate in Automation Conference and won the prize in 2014

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In order to gather the brand merchant and manufacturing brands of industry annual advanced automation technology research and development,build a high-end communication platform for elite of the industry enterprises、government、experts and users,on the occasion of China International Industry Fair opened in 2014,CAISG unite PLC open china、CEEIA、CPSSC and other automation industry authoritative organizations . On November 4th in Shanghai successfully held the "2014 Annual Industry Automation Conference and Award Assembly.", more than 150 industrial users join the festivities, including authoritative industry organization leaders、experts、 manufacturers and typical industry representatives. 

Shenzhen SINOVO Electrical Technologies Co., Ltd. as a member of the automation industry,honored to be invited to present,and won "the year’s most development potential of the brand.", this is not only praise the development of the enterprise, but also spur us in the new year approaching,can continue to develop steadily and committe to promote China’s automation industry development, revitalization, promotion, and contribute their strength!

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